ALTIMER is made of a young and dynamic team, attentive to and close to its employees. Concerned by the well-being of all its talents. The management team sets up regular and personalized interviews. Our goal is to fulfill our employees and thus allow  them career development through a growth in skills.


At ALTIMER, transparency is one of the main assets of our company. We aim to maintain lasting relationships of trust with each of our employees.


At ALTIMER, listening and caring are two fundamentals that allow us to maintain close relationships with our employees.


At ALTIMER, the sustainability of our relationships with our employees is proof of our long-term excellence.

Romain Chabalier

chief executive officer

“In order to best fulfill my role within the company, I act on a daily basis on cross-cutting topics. My main goal is to maintain a relationship of trust and respect, both with our customers and our employees.”

Raphaël Galinier

Human Resources MANAGER

“Human Resources is the keystone of any Digital Services Company. That’s why we work to establish a relationship of trust and closeness with all our employees so that everyone can evolve serenely in his working environment. Need support, advice or just an attentive ear? Do not hesitate to contact me!”


Robin Lenoir


“Associated with the company’s strategic lines, we are in direct and daily contact with all our stakeholders. Listening to our customers, we remain attentive to identified problems in their project or digital transformation, and become a source of proposals to better support them.”

Lise Sadier


“Willing to contribute to the professional development of our employees, I pay special attention to listening and dialogue. Joining Altimer means integrating a sharing and exchange environment into a human-sized structure..”


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un employé code sur son ordinateur et montre son travail au chef de projet informatique